Community Acupuncture

I love acupuncture! In 1990 I had surgery to remove adhesions from a previous surgery. The second surgery created more adhesions and my nurse practitioner suggested acupuncture. Stupid needle nonsense, I thought, but I was desperate. And four sessions later the adhesions were gone for good. An unexpected benefit: I fell instantly and madly in love with my acupuncturist, a Vietnam vet with a light touch and an amazing sense of humor. One day he put all the needles in and as he was leaving the room asked me if I wanted to hear whale songs. Sure! So he stood in the doorway and made whale sounds.
I’ve been desperate to get some relief from tendinitis in my wrist. I can’t hold a pen and I can’t do yoga. I’ve tried – my one-armed downward dog is unpleasant and most likely dangerous to myself and others. But I have discovered community acupuncture! There is an acupuncturist not far from here in Easthampton who works on a sliding scale, $20 – $50, no questions asked. There is one main room with several chairs, and a couple of tables if you’re getting something done that requires lying down. I’ve had two sessions: sitting in a nice recliner for an hour with needles in, drifting off and listening to new age music. Aside from the tendinitis, I’ve got unspeakable stress. Literally: I tried to explain my stress level to Cassie and failed. She took my pulses, looked at my tongue, and said, oh. I see.  She worked these extra strength stress points on the top of my head and after two sessions not only do I have some relief in my wrist, I’m  myself again. I’m not euphoric or manic, just clear and focused and I realize each obstacle in my way has a solution. And now I can work out solutions instead of cowering before the unspeakably huge, monolithic demon of stress and anxiety. I got mom to go to my second appointment with me, and now she’s a believer. Which is good, because if I go I have to borrow her car, which is a standard. And driving a standard kind of undoes any therapeutic in my wrist.
In Western Mass there are community acupuncture centers in Easthampton, Northampton and Amherst. Find one near you! Yes, it’s needles. They’re tiny and thin. And you don’t have to look at them. Just let your chi flow.
Cassie Daniels is awesome! She runs the Community Acupuncture Center in Easthampton, Massachusetts, and here is her website:
People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture