Let’s Go NaNo!

sexy-writerNovember is National Novel Writing Month! 50,000 words in 30 days! Wow! I did NaNo last year and wound up with something I really like, a novel I’m rewriting and pitching, Bring Me the Head of the Fatman. This year I’m writing the sequel: Bizarre Love Quadrangle. Wish me luck! Here’s a quote from Day 1:

No. No one said “ironic mustache” in the 80s. Cheesy, maybe. Guys wore mustaches, not knowing that they would be ironic some day. Some day far in the future where people would carry tiny little computers in their pockets and yell at these little computers while walking down the street, things like “Siri! Craft beer near me!” and “Siri! Mustache wax near me!” and “Siri! Does this look infected?”  Back then we had no idea what craft beer was, mustache wax was for silent movie villains, and in the days of DIY piercing, we assumed everything was infected. So don’t pick at it.


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